November 4th, 2005

Katherine Pierce.

Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

First an announcement, tonight's Sci-Fi Channel Firefly episode is "Objects in Space", the glorious series finale that defines the entire universe. It's another one of my personal favorites, main reason that it involves the rising development of River Tam and the "my sister's a spaceship --- we had a very complicated childhood" retort from Simon to the intriguing Bounty Hunter named Jubal Early. So, watch and enjoy!

+ Adventures in Porn!Theatre Shiny: God, I adore my theatre professor. Our lecture was a continuation from earlier this week --- Censorship and Pornography, and Freedom of Speech in the Theatre Arts. And yes, we watched some clips from explicit theatre productions, we had a heavy discussion over censorship and freedom of speech involved in the arts and the political controversy involved with it. This always proves that porn is always a conversation-starter. And my professor is a HUGE supporter of the First Amendment, so his opinions entered here and there in the lecuture (very amusing, really). Ah, I love this class; 'twas the shiny porn day in college, hurray!

+ Real-Life Shiny: I just had a three hour long-distance telephone conversation with my aunt (who I haven't seen or heard from in some time). This is me, I am NOT a phone-person. I despise talking on phones and/or cell phones longer than, oh say, fifteen-minutes at the most. This is a record for me --- but the shiny part is chatting with her since she does live so far away and that we hardly had time to talk in a while. That was very nice and shiny. ♥

+ Firefly-tastic Shiny!: The Firefly soundtrack is now officially ready for pre-ordering! It will be released November 8th. OMG, so incredibly shiny!!