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06 November 2005 @ 04:19 am
Humorous little post-conversation on the WHEDONesque comments: It's all zombies, lasers, and llamas concerning the U.S. Serenity DVD coverart! After Joss posts his reaction upon the DVD art (saying, and I quote, "Guess what else I'm not the boss of" -- short, yet straight to the point), the bitterness subsided over the coverart and the mocking ensued, as some members commented on the presence of the zombies, laser-fights, and llamas included on the DVD cover. And thus, the hilarity ensues; it's a continuity from here on out.

Remember: The power of the llamas compells you! No Llama in the 'Verse Can Stop The Signal! Bwahaha!

So, yeah. This is me being a little weird after 4:00am in the morning. The NaNo is taking over my brain, ahhh!!

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06 November 2005 @ 04:52 pm
Saturday (November 5th) -- Slept in passed noon (yay, go me!), and pretty much lounged the entire day. Not quite as eventful as other weekends; just an ordinary relaxation day. NaNoWriMo plotting continued forming inside my head throughout and, as day turned into night, I began to continue in my writing. I'm getting slightly behind because I really should just be writing and writing without thinking much to make that 50,000 word marker at the end of the month, but I have this knack for making things work even if I don't even know where the story's going. Which leads me to what happened earlier this morning....

Sunday (Today, November 6th) -- ....And by earlier this morning, I mean exactly at midnight from there on out. I stayed up until 7:00am in the morning, just to finish writing the piece of my NaNo writing that was nagging at my head to complete. Even though looking at it now it's almost as if I wrote that while hyped up on some crack double-fudge chocolate and tons caffine. I was also listening to The Signal podcasts with my Nightmare on Elm Street VHS playing in the background; because you know, for inspirational influence and to keep myself awake. Afterwards, when all my current ideas ran out and I finally hit writers block, I slept for 5 hours. And just like Saturday, I lounged. Have you ever noticed that writing is so much better and easier at night? It's as if all the greatest and crack!filled ideas just pop out of your sleep deprived mind and in the morning you either look at it as brillant writing or just go WTF!? Yeah. This morning was like that.

It was supposed to be raining this weekend, but I guess Mother Nature decided to pull that Fuck With California button and just started PMSing on us. Sunny, windy, cold, warm, overcast....MAKE UP YOUR MIND, MOTHER NATURE!! Just give me the satisfaction that even if it isn't going to rain, let it stay overcast for a few days. Hell, the entire week would be great! Create the illusion of a storm, and I'll be extremely pleased.

Yeah. Sleep deprivation is something that either makes me crazier than I usually am or just plain talkative and/or feeling strangely passive-aggressive. Or just really, really, really weird the morning after. Either one of those options.

*slinks away*
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