November 11th, 2005

Daenerys. Khaleesi.

Fandomosity: Jossverse (BtvS, BDM, VMars), Potterisms (GOF), PGSM

Shiny Announcement: The Sci-Fi Channel is still keeping Firefly in syndication, starting this evening no less! The series pilot episode "Serenity, Part 1" will be repeating on tonight's Sci-Fi presentation (7:00pm). If anyone hasn't seen the series two-part pilot, or if you're already a Browncoat that just cannot get enough of Firefly, this is another chance you'll get to seeing the beginning of this amazingly brilliant Joss Whedon series. So sit down, get comfortable, and get ready to see our lovely space cowcoys fly once more!

-♠- "Goodbye Stakes, Hello Flying Fatality": 'Bonus Features' clips from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Collector's Edition DVD boxset, which includes preview clippets from the DVD extra, including Charisma Carptenter talking about her favorite parts in the episode "Homecoming" and the relationship within the show, especially with Joss Whedon discussing the "naughty" metaphors used in vampire mythology and that vampirism is symbolism for repressed sexuality. Just a reminder that the Buffy Collector's Edition DVD boxset is of ALL 7 season; a 40-disc enjoyment for any Buffy fan.

-♠- Fruity Oaty Bars!: Serenity DVD to include an Easter Egg. For those not in the know, the Easter Egg is a hidden featurette that includes something incredibly shiny for fans. On the Firefly series DVD set the hidden Easter Egg was of Adam Baldwin (a.k.a Jayne Cobb) singing the "Hero of Canton" song, while wearing the Jayne hat. Hee! Hopefully, in the Serenity DVD we'll have something equally as entertaining and shiny. Who, besides me, is hoping for an extended version of the Fruity Oaty Bar commercial as others predict? Or the River Tam sessions?

-♠- Joss Saw Rat? Rat Saw Joss? Say What?: Missed this past week's Veronica Mars episode guest-starrring Joss Whedon? Don't fret, my friends, because stimpson has a few screencaptures of Joss featured in that episode. While his appearance was somewhat small, Joss and Kristen interacted beautifully onscreen (and the flirting ensues, yay! ;D)

-♠- Darker Times Lie Ahead: Movie reviews have been released for Goblet of Fire, in which some do contain spoilers in case you haven't read the books or just don't want to remain spoiler-free. And there is a new HP&GOF clip that featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show, which is of Ron Weasley receiving his Dress Robes for the Yule Ball; as well as another clip that is of post-First Task. Again, spoilers for both. Also, for fandom awareness, Goblet of Fire has been rated 15 in Australia; it is still PG-13 in the United States.

-♠- Venus Power!: Completely random fandom news, but I still need to buy the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Act 0 DVD, imported obviously. It's to complete my collection of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Live Action series, because I've been obsessed with this Japanese show since I got into it a little over a year ago.