November 29th, 2005

Daenerys. Khaleesi.

Mother Nature Loves Me

IT'S RAINING!! It'll probably be raining throughout the week, showers here and there. But, YAY! Rain!! And yes, this was an excuse to use all-caps because my gleeful moment right now is enjoying the glorious sound of the rain trickling down as I fall asleep. The wind is also a plus, too. But, YAY RAIN!!!

Also, The Daily Show was very high-larious this evening, as was The Colbert Report (because it's French, BITCH!) The crazy early-Christmas shoppers via the Friday morning sales segments were hysterical. And Adrian Brody as the guest! Whoo-hoo!

John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and rain-showers all in one evening. Whee! House tomorrow, and VMars following right after that! HA!

*dashes off to bed now*