December 10th, 2005

Katherine Pierce.

'Tis The Season

Buffy: I like the lights.
Faith: Yeah, well. 'Tis the season....whatever that means.
BtVS, S3 Ep. "Amends"
Christmas decorating has been finished, by yours truly! I've been naturally called the main interior decorator specifically for this time of the year. Because I'm easily attracted to pretty shiny things, and I already have everything planned out in my head of where I want things to go and how to perfectly arrange them. So far, everything looks incredibly shiny with all the Christmas pretties....only one complication occurred when I was fixing up the tree.

One of the Christmas lights wasn't working. And it's one of my favorite ones, too! It's the old-fashioned musical lights that play snippets of Christmas songs -- fortunately, the music still works but the lights aren't lighting up for some reason. Of course, these have lasted for ages and ages, so perhaps the electrical cords have finally had enough. Still have to mess with that, for it could be one of the bulbs screwing it all up (and we've got extras). Nevertheless of that small disappointment, we have a backup string of lights -- attached the cord to the broken one, to still have that musical/visual flashing touch -- and it's all prettied! Problem fixed for now. Gorram light problems. Hmph.

Otherwise, everything looks so beautiful, and with the pretty shiny lights! Also, as I was finishing up this afternoon, I was watching VMars "An Echolls Family Christmas" as well as the latest episode, "One Angry Veronica", as well as catching some Christmas movies rerunning this weekend. Hee!

My favorite part of this time of the year? Driving around the neighborhood looking at everyone's outdoor decorating with the pretty lights and decorations. Especially at night! It's tradition to unsuspiciously look for the craziest decorations while investigating neighborhoods and different streets. One of my neighbors actually has a life-size snow globe outside on their front lawn...along with a realistic life-size Santa Claus waving from their doorway.

Also, shopping for gifts are almost done as well! In the card department, however, I'm terribly slacking. *dashes off to write holiday cards*
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