May 21st, 2006

Katherine Pierce.

Sunday Ramblings

As the weather reports have predicted, it's raining on this fine Sunday. It has been overcast since Friday, so it was only a matter of time before it started actually sprinkling. Ah, springtime.

Something interesting happened this weekend. I was mindlessly flipping through television channels one evening, because of late-night boredom, when I abruptly stopped once seeing Dick Casablancas on That's So Raven. Playing a member of a boy band. Immediately I said aloud, "Hey, it's Dick!" After witnessing this I went online and searched through Ryan Hansen's IMDB filmography profile, cursing myself for not having done so before, and noticed he's been in other things I recognize. One in particular was he appeared in the pilot of Carnivàle, to which I have the DVDs for. I thought it was quite interesting. Oh, and I might have been slightly converted to liking Dick Casablancas. Granted I didn't before, but he's gradually winning me over. Yes, he's insanely obnoxious and hormonally on overdrive, yet he's highly entertaining. I don't know what it is, but his character intrigues me.

I still want to see The Da Vinci Code, and after reading the raving reviews and reactions from it's first opening weekend, I am anticipating seeing it for myself in theaters (if I ever get a chance to, that is).
Katherine Pierce.

Best. Thing. Ever. OMG!

Serenity: The MST3K Version! That's right, our lovely BDM has been MSTed in all its fabulous hilarity of Mike Nelson, Crow, and Tom Servo and their commentaries of doom! It's nonstop entertainment, although if you're unfamiliar with MST3K you probably won't understand. Still, this ain't no Manos: The Hands of Fate. Klingons, Luke Skywalker and other pop-culture references need no apply, although it is often hilarious.