June 22nd, 2006

Katherine Pierce.

Three Random Things About Today (Thus Far)

1. It's reached 106º this afternoon, and for the next five days it'll remain in that exact range. Right now it's sticky-hot, just stepping outside it feels like you're in a freaking sauna. Yep, I'd say our weather has returned to normal.

2. This is just too freaking amusing, I cannot contain myself from laughing. The most amusing part is that Bryan Singer is openly gay himself, not to mention the executive producer for House M.D., so by the article it's suggesting that Superman is straighter than the House and Wilson subtextiness. Dude, Bryan Singer must not have been watching Smallville, because Clark and Lex are totally doing it, like whoa. Still, highly amusing this whole thing is.

3. Went shopping, bought groceries, will go to dance class in about approximately one hour, will come home with aching muscles and have a nice dinner with The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Yep, this evening is all set.