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So, it's Daylight Savings Time by going back an hour. It's a fortunate thing because now I can sleep an extra hour before class starts, although I doubt I will because my sleep schedule is on the Automatic Mode that just wakes me up just at sunrise. Also, it's freaking cold outside, which means our weather has finally gone to autumn changes. Plus it's middle of the semester, and just got a notice for the dates where I can choose my class schedule for the spring semester before all the spots are taken. Oh, how quickly does time pass.

BSG 3.05 thoughts -- a little longCollapse )

Now for something completely different.

Okay, so even though Disney Channel is practically no longer my interest anymore aside from a couple of things, I did sit and watch Return to Halloweentown, the fourth installment of the movie series since I remember watching the original a long time ago and loved it. Needless to say, my predictions to this being horrific came true. Typically, it's Disney Channel for crying out loud, hardly do they ever have anything worthwhile watching anymore aside from a rare good ones scattered here and there. Therefore, I must rant.

Why I think that returning to Halloweentown would've been if it hadn't taken placeCollapse )

I'm excited for Heroes tomorrow, since there's some more mysteries. Yay. I also have some speculations about characters and the overall mission, but that'll have to come a little later.
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29 October 2006 @ 04:12 pm
I've been thinking quite a bit from what's been revealed in the most recent episodes, and there's some speculations about certain characters and their storylines. This one in particular I happen to theorize about Niki and her abilities, and her return of her husband and how it all connects together. I have not read spoilers for future episodes, I'm just piecing the puzzle with my own speculations and thoughts.

Speculations and Theories 1.01-1.05: Niki SandersCollapse )
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