March 21st, 2007

Katherine Pierce.

I'm a marshmallow.

I just had a marathon of Veronica Mars season one. Ah, good times. *le sigh*

Admittingly, I still haven't seen the latest two BSG episodes. Which is totally my bad. First time I forgot, and although there's an encore airing an hour after and the Monday following I still didn't catch it. The second time I definitely knew, but was too busy that I doubt I would've paid attention anyway. I may have a chance to view them via downloads soon (I did try "The Son Also Rises", but the file was corrupted so I'll have to find another one that's workable).

Went shopping today and bought some cute spring clothes. There wasn't a fabulous selection where I was, and the main problematic thing is finding anything in my size, especially if what I find attracts my eye. Oh well, it was a semi-successful mission. Speaking of fashion, remember when I mentioned that it felt like springtime? It certainly has arrived, along with the unpredictable weather changes. Yesterday was cooler and was raining, like literally pouring during the afternoon. Today was better, but definitely cooler and windier --- which didn't help the fact that I wore my wedged sandals that my feet were getting the breeze, and not the good springtime-feel-breeze either. I wanted it to be warm, dammit. Reports said it was supposed to be warm today!