October 31st, 2007

Katherine Pierce.

Alright, guys and ghouls...

So it's Halloween, and I hope everyone is having a happy one. This year I've decided to not do anything except sit at home and watch horror movies, perhaps rewatch Supernatural if I can squeeze it in. It's actually a normal occurrance here, since our family has never been big on Halloween anyway. As kids we'd dress up and stuff, of course, but as time went on we just never bothered anymore. It's okay though, because I'm looking forward to Christmas anyhow (well, first Thanksgiving celebration for us then Christmas, but y'know what I mean).

I've discovered and have been listening to this song ("Aqua Vitae" by New World Music), which some may recognize as the background music for the Razor trailers and some other things too.

Other than that, nothing much else to report on except for my brain spinning more Heroes theories again, which is a given. I've also been having some for SPN too. I may or may not write those up by tomorrow or Friday, depending on how I feel and what's happening in RL, so I don't know.
Katherine Pierce.

In which today was somewhat productive for being uneventful.

So when I said I wasn't going to dress up? Yeah, I semi-lied about that. I kind of dressed up as Ruby. I mean, it wasn't extravagant or special or anything, it wasn't even intentional. I wanted to test out some of my newest outfits, slabbed something together and looked in the mirror and thougt to myself, "Hey, I kind of resemble Ruby. This could work." Therefore, I was Ruby: The Demon Hunter for at least...several hours. And my sister decided she wanted to be Dean if I were to be Ruby, and we kind of had an almost in-character banter conversation before laughing at ourselves. Hee.

Oh, for to feed more into my fangirlish glee: ELIZA DUSHKU and JOSS WHEDON to work on a television show together! OMG YOU GUYS, THIS IS SERIOUSLY THE BEST NEWS LIKE, EVER! AND YES THIS DESERVES CAPSLOCK OF JOY JUST OMGYAYSPAMS! *ahem* Seriously, even if the show does get axed prematurely like most FOX shows do, at least we'll have seven-hours of Joss/Eliza delicious goodness. And guess what? The plot for the show is so freaking awesome. I'm in love with it already and if it's a work collaboration with these two, it's bound to be made of all sorts of awesome anyway.

That? Just made my night. Yep.

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Yeah, this concludes my late-night Halloween posting. And I'm, um, kinda hyper right now...and I haven't even consumed candy or caffine of any kind. So what does this say about me? That I'm high on life or what? Wow, how new-agey. Heh. Nah, just high from fandom-related things, and just...yeah. I'll stop rambling now before I start saying things that are so incoherent for anyone to understand, even myself.