December 16th, 2007

Katherine Pierce.

It's time for a little early-morning lore...

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Then there's this SPN survey that's been circulating about lately, and because I'm a sucker for survey/memes like this it's time I'd take a shot at it (stolen from shawnalasex and jenniferkaos and countless others).

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I'm sure many have heard the news that ABC has bumped LOST to the Thursday 9:00pm timeslot, competing against Supernatural. At first I was a little miffed at this move, however rethought it over and considered it not a hugely horrible thing, so to speak. Due to the writer's strike we have only four episodes left. LOST is returning in January, and I don't watch LOST anymore anyway so I'm not entirely bothered by that part. The biggest problem is with the ratings and how well one show will do against the other in that timeslot.