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Well, damn.

Painkiller Jane gets sacked by SciFi.

In a way I can understand this decision. It's not exactly phenomenal on the level of other sci-fi shows, like Battlestar or Heroes, the promotion for it was minimal which led to a small fanbase, therefore leading to poor ratings. But even while it wasn't up to par with other top-notch shows I still thought it was a good series, had it started out as strongly as it could've been I think it would've drawn more viewers. Ah well, as sad as I am it'll be ending thankfully SciFi isn't like FOX and pulling it altogether, they are finishing up the season until the finale, which is a good call.

In other depressing news, Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison have called off their engagement. Aww, I really liked them together, they were so adorable and would've made pretty babies. Ah well, it seems that they're willing to be still be friends and continue to work on House together, which is all good. Although this'll definitely change perspective on the whole Chase/Cameron relationship within the show, and naturally ridiculous wank ensues because of this news. Because in fandom or at least in the delusional minds of some, Real People = Fictional Characters.

Anyway, wishing both Jennifer and Jesse the best and waiting for what's to come in the upcoming season of House, which is not getting here fast enough!
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