February 17th, 2008

Katherine Pierce.

I am thankful for...

This idea was taken from behrbemine where I write three good things I am happy about and thankful for each day. But since I don't have the time to do one daily, I shall do one at the end of every week; even though I shouldn't done one yesterday I wasn't feeling as good, as I mentioned in my previous post.

This week I am thankful for:

01. My music collection. As I'm going through to figure out what I should use for fanmixes I am intriqued and impressed with the wide variety of music styles/genres and artists I have. Even some relatives say I am very diverse in my musical tastes, and I am pleased with this fact.

02. THE STRIKE IS OVER! That news pretty much summed up my entire week, quite honestly.

03. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon and evening with my mother. That is always a good thing, because I love my mom and I love spending as much time with her as possible. ♥
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    Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line