March 19th, 2008

Daenerys. Khaleesi.

Oy, the drama.

All this LJ strike drama is giving me a headache. This whole thing is ridiculous. I have nothing against those who want to do something in regards to SUP's actions, and I understand their frustrations and intentions with this, however this "one day strike" business is just silly and pointless. It's not going to accomplish anything other than it being another one of those slow days on LJ. Many are going to not post, while many others are. No big difference is going to be made. If you want an effective strategy to fight for something, try contacting those in charge by writing well-written angry letters describing the problem instead of boycotting one day. Or, y'know, accept the changes even if it sucks and live with the fact that these new owners are going to do what they will because it is their business now and businesses have to make sacrifices for more profits. Even if they're shitty at it.

I'm tired and cranky, and I'm going to be frank about this: I won't be participating. I'm not leaving LiveJournal. I'm going to post Friday if I want to, and if anyone has a problem with that can shove it. M'kays?

Sidenote: I don't mean to disrespect those who are participating, if that's what you want you have every right to. I'm just in a ranty mood because all this wank and whining has exploded and it's driving me absolutely mad and I don't want to be called a "traitor" or whatever just because I'm not following suit with everyone else.