March 21st, 2008

Katherine Pierce.

A post, on Friday? OMG!

Much happened today, I was really busy and preoccupied and wasn't online much because of it. You all know my feelings about this whole "content strike" business, as quite obviously I'm not partaking in it. For those that did, good for you for believing in wanting to do something. And that's all I'm going to say about that topic, since everyone's probably tired of hearing about it. Besides it's over for most people anyway, so whatever.

Okay, I am completely consumed with the BSG hype that's going on so I figured I do a theories post about it. Or rather, what I believe might happen come season four. I know no further spoilers than what's been shown from the previews and clips that's been released.

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Sorry if none of those made any kind of sense that's logical or coherent! I've been having thinky-thoughts for a long while and I needed to get them out there. Hee.

It also appears that Caprica, the prequel series, has been greenlit and is ready to go. They say it's going to be much different than BSG, but that's to be expected naturally. I'm just happy there's to be more expansion of this universe that I've grown to love and appreciate, and I have faith that RDM and David Eick will create a show that, while different, can please viewers as it goes fifty years prior. Either way, yay!