March 30th, 2008

Blair Waldorf.

Do YOU know who the last Cylon is?

My father has announced that he is watching Firefly as recommended by someone from his work, neverminding the fact that his two daughters have been raving about the series for-freaking-ever. Huh, the things you learn.

There's this meme on battlestar_blog where you can speculate on the final Cylon and the end of the series, and instead of commenting there I'm going to post my thoughts here. Since I can get really thorough with my thinky-thoughts. Also, to really let it out because OMG THIS FRIDAY THE PREMIERE! MY EXCITEMENT CANNOT BE CONTAINED! *ahem* Anwyay, onwards to my incredible far-fetched ideas:

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There's that unpopular meme going around and I've been thinking about doing one, but on my own terms. Instead of the original meme fashion everyone's doing it in I'm going to go ahead and write up my own unpopular fandom opinions, ranging from shows and characters to people in fandom in general. IDK, I feel like I need to start ranting and bitching because I seem to be too nice about fandom in general or not really expressing my opinions about my fandoms that much, except if it's about wank. With wank I'm pretty unsympathetic. So that'll happen perhaps in the upcoming days or so, once I have it organized and written up.

I just heard Thomas Dekker's "The Future" song and OMG! Must. Have. Now.