April 4th, 2008

Blair Waldorf.

Frakking A!

HAPPY BSG DAY EVERYONE! Folks, today is the day BSG premieres after one whole year of waiting since the last season, and believe me when I say I am completely stoked for it. Others will see it before me since I'm on the West Coast, and there are people who are fortunate enough to view it streaming on the website or have already seen it. Okay, if you're one of those people for the love of the Lords of Kobol and Starbuck, DO NOT SPOIL ME! I'll avoid online spoilers/discussions while I possibly can, though I've been waiting a whole frakking year for this so if you spoil me, expected to be thrown out the airlock. M'kays?

After I finish watching it tonight I'll immediately do a write-up review, like always. I tend to always write my reviews like directly after the episode airs, so it'll be like probably midnight when that gets posted or earlier depending.

So, yeah, squees abound like whoa. Y'all know how squeeful I am about anything Heroes? This is how I am with BSG at this moment. I'm all OMG BSG TONIGHT OMG YAY. I'm sure any non-fans are going "what the hell is this girl going on about? BSG-what, and why is she going to Starbucks?", so after tonight or sometime this weekend there'll be writing about other things so all this fandom squee can be evened out, RL stuff and more. Also, I'll be doing the unpopular opinions thing which is coming along nicely. Though I may have to do separate posts for those, like one for general unpopular fandom opinions and another for specific fandom stuff. I don't know, I'll figure it out by the weekend how I want to format it.