April 11th, 2008

Daenerys. Khaleesi.

New level of rapid fans.

This shit is very very bananas. Just when you thought the fandom you're in creates the wankiest shit, these fans are the batshittiest of them all. Fo'srs.

I'm not in the Super Junior fandom, I've heard and liked some of their songs though that's just about it. And this kind of thing has happened many times before with these kinds of bands/celebrities, and not just with the fans but also the anti-fans. The anti-fans are just...I'm not even going to go to the crazyass shit they do. It's all insane and stupid. I'm sure batshit crazies are everywhere, but from all the reports of these incidents Korean fans are by far high on that list. You know how I mentioned I hated the drama/wank in my fandoms? This is what I'm talking about, though triple the insanity. I seriously hope none of my fandoms resort to this kind of behavior.

On a lighter note, new BSG tonight!
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