May 24th, 2008

Katherine Pierce.

Didn'tya know? X ALWAYS marks the spot!


But first I must talk about one non-spoilery aspect: Shia Labeouf. Okay, we all know that Harrison Ford will always be a hotass. He's one of those few people that age well when they get older. But Shia, he's grown up to become such an attractive young man. I remember him back in the days of Even Stevens and he was so ICKLE YOUNG then, and I know he's been a quite a fair amount of movies since then. He's done a tremendous amount of roles ranging from a variety of dramatic paces, a nice transition from playing a comedic character (which I think I remember him saying he prefers more serious roles). I admit I hadn't watched much of his other films therefore never really formed an opinion on him, until Indiana Jones. I thought he was terrific, and yes quite an attractive young man, not to mention I just found out that HE'S THE SAME AGE AS I AM. HOLY SHIT. So um, yes. I was very impressed with what he did in his movie and has proven, once again, to be a very good actor with loads of range. At least from what I've seen.

I should probably go searching for his other films he's done, to kind of compare and contrast; I've already done so back in his beginning stages of his career, but he's come such a long way. But yeah, that's what I wanted to squee about. Next up will be my reaction to the movie itself, and that'll come up a little later. Once I've settled down my mind to actually write out my thoughts, that is.
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