May 25th, 2008

Katherine Pierce.

Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?

Yesterday, if you missed my squee, I saw the new Indiana Jones film. Make note that this has been my first trip to the theaters in for-freaking-everf, mainly because there hasn't been a movie out that I was dying to see in the theaters. But with Indy, that's the exception because's Indy! Also note that I wasn't expecting this to be better than the original three films, since clearly we all know it wouldn't match up to them, but while watching and afterwards I was smiling gleefully. That alone means I highly enjoyed it and that's what matters.

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So yes, lovely film and you do have to suspend your beliefs and give into the imagination and question the possibilities, like with all the other Indy films as I mentioned, and just have fun with it because it IS Indiana Jones after all. Anyone else seen it and want to discuss it? Feel free to share them with me! I'm still in squee mode, so I need others to squee with me.