June 12th, 2008

Katherine Pierce.

"Did HE think of holy water sprinklers?" ~ Jim Beaver

This just occurred to me regarding the recent events in BSG:

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See? This is what happens when I start thinking way too much, considering that tomorrow is the mid-season finale until MOTHERFRAKKING 2009, WHAT THE FRAK PEEPS! So we're going to have to wait that long until the Final Cylon is revealed, until they reach Earth, before we know what's going to happen to all these characters, and you just KNOW this is going to be a killer cliffhanger to leave us going OMGWTF. Le sigh, another one of those long-ass hiatuses that we just love, don't we?

In other news, Alona Tal is the adorablest thing ever! Like that's a surprise. ♥

I've been reading and watching the reports back from the SPN Dallas convention from this past weekend, and this makes me really envious for never going to any sort of con featuring these people. There are such fine bunch of respectable and entertaining actors, willing to accept, and even endorse, the amounts of fangirling craziness thrown at them. Just the way they respond to the fans in general, how they seem so approachable is remarkable in its own way. Jared Padalecki is the biggest goofball and sweetheart you'll ever see, Jim Beaver is awesomely hilarious, and Alona Tal is the cutest little thing ever. You can tell that they really like being part of these conventions, especially Jared and Jensen, which is nice because actors who don't like going to those kinds of events are most likely to be unenthusiastic and bored about the whole thing. Not these people. They really appreciate their fanbase and it's such a lovely thing to see.

So we had the WGA strike, but now there's the predicted SAG strike which I seriously hope it doesn't happen and it'll be resolved before anything striking goes on. But if it does, I'm crossing my fingers that it won't take long. Because without actors, there are no productions in our television shows or films. Meaning Hollywood will be out of or lacking in the business, and I don't think they want that backlash.