August 9th, 2008

Katherine Pierce.

Welcome to the Olympia

2008 Olympics in Beijing. Watched the opening ceremony last night and was literally blown away. Simply fantastical and amazing, the performances were beyond perfection to the costumes and the traditional storytelling, the coordination, precision and dedication of putting on such a production. From the lights and props and fireworks to the huge techn-screens used and the thousands of performers doing those nearly-impossible things to make the ceremony even more memorable, there are no words that I describe. It was phenomenal, that's all I'm saying.

I've been kind of busy over the last few days, more or less with RL, not to mention kind of exhausted. So I've merely been lurking about. I'm fine though, in case anyone was wondering. So in light of that I've decided to do this cracky meme because it looks like fun.

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I realized that most of pairings were of the femslash category, which wasn't intentional at all, but still quite hilarious. In fact, it makes the crack!pairings even more cracky.