September 2nd, 2008

Blair Waldorf.

"Didn'tya know karma's a bitch? We know Blair is."

Despite not actually having it in my hands yet, getting a chance to see the Target exclusive extra from the Heroes S2 DVDs, thanks to himhilien, pretty much makes my day. It was a special of their 2007 World Tour they went on, and it reminds me why I love this cast. Like the Firefly cast, they are this huge loveable family and are all so humble and appreciative of their fans, and it's amusing to see their bewilderment of how big they've gotten worldwide just after its first season. Plus seeing Sendhil juggling oranges is just too damn cute (made me want to make a joke of juggling geese....)

I have discovered sixwordstories, what seems like a community for RPG journals to write a six word entry and other characters respond, usually having something to do with their own RPGing universe. It's become an addictive drug for me, I just can't look away! And some of the voices for the characters are surprisingly convincing, and others are just amusing to watch the interactions unfold.

It's September, and do you know what that means? The returning of our fandoms! Last night was the season premiere for Gossip Girl, which here are my furthering thoughts on the episode:

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Oh guilty pleasure entertainment, how I've missed you terribly! And Blair, how I've missed your nasty snarky self. Glad to have you back, bb!