November 6th, 2008

Katherine Pierce.

Just adding an addendum to the issues at hand

I know everyone's probably sick and tired of having political stuff bombarding their flists, but since I rarely talk about these things I'm going to do it briefly here for a moment. With Obama being elected our next President of the United States there's been a shift in the worldwide public, from reading it online to the smiling faces of people on the streets (seriously, I went outside today and people seemed happier and proudly proclaiming their joy to random strangers, it's quite amazing). However I notice there's the minority of those that feel differently, which is causing some drama. Look, it doesn't matter which party you belong to or who you voted for, to outrightly dismiss one person because of their political views is childish and uncalled for. Already there's people defriending others based on their opinions alone, and to me that's just petty. I accept everyone voicing their opinions and while there might've been some things said during the heat of emotion on election night we all need to respect one another's opinions even if they differ from our own. That's how things should be if we're going to be expecting any change; whether Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, treat each other respectively. Just saying.

Also regarding Prop.8, I am just as disappointed as anyone else that it passed. To me it seems ridiculously unfair and such a setback to what we already started to achieve with getting rid of unnecessary discrimination. But this doesn't mean we can't still fight for it. Obviously there are so many things to be reformed and changed in this country, and sorry to say but I feel those are currently more important than the marriage issue. Our economy alone desperately needs to get cleaned up, so many factors about the people need to be addressed and concentrated on and once we get that going, then we'll try again. Though I think we should be grateful it's staying a proposition matter and not an amendment, that would be something to worry about.

An interesting little tidbit is during school yesterday and today we were having a little off-topic debate about Proposition 8 and it was interesting hearing people's different opinions, thoughts and viewpoints about it. I might not have agreed with some things said, but I respect their views and I like hearing how people think and their reasonings for why they believe what they believe. They aren't "hateful" as some people on here and elsewhere have claimed those who approved of the proposition, it's just how they see things which I understand and respect. It wouldn't be a democracy in this country if everyone had the same way of thinking. I found it intriguing and interesting, especially since having politics and religion in the same debate is guaranteed to have some fireballs being thrown by opposing sides. It didn't get heated thankfully, but it certainly did place into perspective of why such topics of discussion are avoided in a casual setting.

It's not over people, it's just not going to magically repair all the world's problems only two days after a historical election. Time and patience, plus determination. Continue to fight what you believe in and don't give up, and I guarantee that somewhere in our future this won't be an issue (at least a huge issue) as it currently is. I do believe in change and I do believe that we can make a difference. My optimism, let me show you it.

I have Supernatural to watch in about less than two hours so, less with the seriousness of politics and more with the squeeing later. I promise!