November 12th, 2008

Katherine Pierce.

Just follow the leader, my friend.


Seriously, my life schedule is kind of getting the better of me and sometimes even when I'm online I don't know what to write. From exhausting hours at school to coming home and just napping to regain my energy and other real life shenanigans, I've had like blankness on what to update about. I'll talk about college and other personal matters by the end of the week, since a lots been happening in that area. Like, my life isn't nearly as crowded as some people's are but it's enough hard work to make me want to sleep until the weekend. For serious. So yeah, all the wanking and ranting and bitchfests that happen on LJ or anywhere else? I just kind of laugh at it and move on. I don't spend my time worrying about things that will only drain more energy from me. But more on RL later.

RPATTZ IS TEH SHIZNITZ. FO'SERIOUS. He's totally dissing Stephanie Meyer and Twilight, and I am LOVING IT! The more he rags on the series the more I'm loving the guy. Seriously. I love it when actors are being so brutally honest.

I heard about what happened on Heroes, and honestly Collapse ) I've seen some leaked pictures for future episodes, and I'm just even more confused. IDEK anymore.

However, Supernatural continues to be epic with win. I realized I didn't make a proper review for last week's episode, which I think is okay to skip. It was a fun episode and I enjoyed it, but there wasn't much to make a meta-review for it. I'll save that for tomorrow's episode which I am so excited and pumped for. SPN FTW BBS!

Also, I has new Castiel icon. There can never be enough of him, amirite? ♥