May 20th, 2010

Daenerys. Khaleesi.

This man never ceases to amaze me.

Going with my Misha Thursday spamming, Misha has been recently Tweeting, which always makes me smile. And apparently not only does he like posting random penis!shorts pics and make notes about offering chocolate to people, which I have no doubt he would do that since he sent fans truffles via mail, but he makes comments like this that make me lol:
Couldn't resist: @Sebastianglints writes, "@mishacollins if you ever reply to my tweets, i'll probably shit my pants." Please send photos.

Oh, and this lucky girl got a letter from Misha.

This is also further proof that Misha totally stalks fandom. He writes like us, you guys. He totally knows our fandom ~lingo.

Also, more talk on STONEHENGE APOCALYPSE where the script writer talks about the film, saying that Misha will play a "radio talk-show host trying to convince the world about the source of the cataclysms", hilariously using one of the pictures Misha tweeted where the Queen of England was going to have him executed as part of their promotional press for the movie, lol! I don't know if that's really an official photo or not, but since we don't have anything else besides that they needed something. When in doubt, go to Misha. That should be everyone's motto from now on. Hee.

And in case anyone hasn't seen it yet, here's part one and part two of the Misha panel at the AHBL 2 Convention, all transcripted. As usual, bringing the funny and the typical Misha humor to the table. I just, yeah. This man will never not be adorable and just made of absolute awesome.

Misha is just taking over my life, as you all are very much aware by now. ;) I will never stop loving this man.
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Caprica. Zoe Graystone.

Day 3: "You're new and shiny and me likey!"

Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this TV season)

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Masterlist of days here.

How come I didn't know that Sasha Roiz had a small spot in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles? So both he and Alessandra Torresani guest-starred in the same show in the same season. Huh, very interesting.

Also, how are they so adorable together? ♥