October 30th, 2010

Six. It's good to be a Cylon.


Ustream was being a bitch (yet again) and they didn't live-stream tonight like they'd planned because of whatever connection/bandwidth issues it was having, but promised to do one proper tomorrow. I find it cute that they keep apologizing even though we know it's not their fault! They're so presh, even when threatening to go Six and Starbuck on everything. ♥ I still can't believe tomorrow will be their last day of live-streaming! I'll miss their epic videos and adorableness, and Mother Mary and their Veev with function water. And bad weather stories and how bitchy-yet-adorable Katee gets when she is tired and both of them cursing like sailors, and not to mention T-SHIRT TIIIIIMMMMEEE! ;p

I swear, I'm addicted to them. It's pretty much what I look forward to every night since you don't know what to expect. I'll miss them dearly.

Also for bonus, Tricia goes Gaga. I approve. <3333