May 17th, 2011

Katherine Pierce.


I'll admit to still being upset and disappointed that 17th Precinct didn't get picked up, however Awake (formerly called REM) is something I've also been intrigued by from the moment I heard about the premise. And, of course, with Jason Isaacs being involved but that's a given. Watching this trailer however, I have to say it looks absolutely amazing. I think it's gonna be good, perhaps too good for a network like NBC. I really want this to do well because it does look incredible, if slightly depressing, which might put off the regular casual watcher. But nonetheless, I just want them to give this a chance on something with this kind of genre, which is more innovative and intellectual than they've previously had.

Also, how can you go wrong with Jason Isaacs? Seriously.

I just wish that the BSG cast reunion would have joined him in the new season line-up. Because that would have been on new levels of epic nerdgasming right there, ngl.