July 12th, 2011

Katherine Pierce.


New Warehouse 13 interview with Joanne Kelly.

Reading this, aside from squeeing over Myka and H.G. Wells, I agree with Joanne on the topic of Myka and Pete.

Personally, I never shipped them. I've always seen their relationship as something very brother-and-sisterly and nothing more than that. It was never played on a romantic level, however some see the subtext between them and you know what? That's absolutely fine. It's all quite subjective, you either see it or you don't, and I like that the show doesn't really confirm or deny anything between such characters. It just lets you ship whoever you want to without debunking anything and without taking away the chemistry and dynamic. They just let you have your fun without ruining the character relationships canonically, and that's something I've always loved about this show. In fact, I've always thought that most shows would be better off if they had more subtext than actual romance stirring with characters, you know? Sometimes subtext speaks way louder than an official hook-up, I'm just saying.