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Without a little risk, life would be so dull.

01. BSG Preview: "Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History". The recently new SciFi preview for Battlestar Galactica originally shown at Comic-Con, showing clips from all three seasons and including some new scenes from "Razor", really making the anticipation for November to arrive even more unbearable.

02. Last night I watched Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek. Now, I'm hardly into anime much, but this was exceptionally creepy. It was like a 30-minute Japanese version of Supernatural.

03. Something I've been addicted to lately: Sylar's Bringing Sexy Back. Most have probably seen it already, but I just love the editing. It's just so fitting and perfect, y'know? Hee. Also for good measure, Zachary is most certainly bringing in the sexy with his most recent photoshoot for ZINK magazine. I'm not one to really like eyeliner on men, though there are the rare few that can pull it off and in that first picture he does just that, and I think is an homage to A Clockwork Orange. My favorite shot though is with him in the straitjacket, there's just something so tempting and strangely erotic about it. It's like he's saying "come hither, I don't bite...much" with his eyes. Okay, I'm thinking WAY too much about this. God, how I love editorial photoshoots, and ones with Zachary tops the cake for me. *swoons*

04. Why am I remembering vividly my dreams lately, and why do these dreams seem so frakking real? Sometimes I do remember my dreams, however like most the memories fade later during the day. But for the passed week and a half remembering my dreams have become more frequent than normal, and sometimes I have a reoccurring theme in them. It's weird. I've been looking up what the definition of these dreams may mean, though while there are similarities with the hidden meanings nothing is concrete enough to determine why they continue to come night after night. The subconscious is an interesting and mysterious function.

05. Only about a month and a half until Heroes season two starts! I'm excited, but at the same time nervous because I really want this season to rock hardcore and not turn sideways and go into a completely different direction that'll displease fans like some of my other fandoms have done.
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