August 12th, 2012

Katherine Pierce.

Space is awesome.

I witnessed my first meteor shower last night.

Aside from pictures and videos, I'd never seen one in person before. So last night during the Perseid meteor shower I caught several meteors in the sky. It was simply breathtaking. Every time I saw one I gasped in awe. I am fascinated with space, with the stars and wanting to see more of our universe, so seeing something like that in my own backyard is pretty wild. I wished I could have seen a whole bunch of them, but staring up at the sky as I was I was afraid of getting whiplash or just straining myself just to get in one more for the night. But I saw two big ones, they were literally the first two I saw, and just how big and bright they were blew me away.

Space in general just fascinates me. Everything about it is so beautiful and vast and terrifying, and I love it.

Between Curiosity landing on Mars and the Voyager nearing the edge of our solar system, I'm just giddy just wanting to know and discover more. Imagine the possibilities of being able to venture outside of our solar system, of exploring the galaxy and other galaxies, and beyond. Of witnessing firsthand other planets with advanced technology. This kind of stuff excites and intrigues me so much, because I want there to be something more for us to see about the universe that we live in.