September 11th, 2012

OUAT. Snow/Charming.

And it's only Tuesday.

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The song used in the promo is "A Little Taste" by Skyler Stonestreet

++ Why The Public Slut-Shaming of Kristen Stewart Matters For Young Women

This article is amazing, as is this one that was written a while ago, and both pretty much describes my feelings on this particular issue. I have other feelings and thoughts as well, which I feel like it will turn into a complete rant. But I will simply state this: after everything that has happened, I will stand by and support Kristen Stewart because the blatant sexism only to blame and shame her is absolutely disgusting. This kind of shit continues to happen to women everywhere and it needs to stop.

++ EXCLUSIVE: Meet Billy, the first gay male Slayer of the Buffyverse comics. Jane Espenson and Drew Z. Greenberg gives a detailed interview discussing this new character that will be introduced in Buffy Season 9, issue #14. Essentially, his character isn't called and he doesn't have superpowers, but decides to fight vampires and demons regardless. There seems to be some debate going on with comparing Billy to other male characters of the universe who similarly hunt and fight vampires, but reading the interview I got the feeling that his story is going to be more symbolic and circumstantially it is different when compared to other characters like Gunn or Wesley or Xander. In my opinion, judging from the interview and description itself, it seems like Billy is choosing to self-identify with being a Slayer, fully embracing and being empowered by the mythology and the strength of the Slayer line, and something he can most identify with on a personal level. I think this is more significant than, say, a male character saying they are a demon hunter or fighter. We'll just have to wait and see how the story itself turns out.

++ There's been a lot of hate in fandom lately, and I mean just in general in multiple areas of fandom. From hate mail to death threats and persistent harassment, it just needs to stop. It's one thing to express opinions, it's another to completely go too far and cross that morality line just because you can due to anonymity.