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19 November 2012 @ 11:46 am
Since it's been seven episodes now, I figured it's time to weigh in my thoughts on the show so far.

It just so happens, people and all their deceits and illusions that inform everything that they do tends to be the most fascinating puzzles of all. Of course, they don't always appreciate being seen as such.Collapse )

I started rambling a little there, but the sentiment remains. I absolutely adore Elementary, it's perhaps one of the best new shows out this year, and one that I continue to be impressed by with every episode. I urge everyone to start watching it if you haven't already.

Also, it appears that Elementary is doing incredibly well because not only do critics love it, but the show gets a special episode slot post-coverage of the Super Bowl next year, and it also has gotten two additional episodes, extending its first season to 24-four episodes. This is incredibly huge because most freshmen series are at least 22 eps, 13 if they didn't get the ordered back 9. This makes me so happy and proud that it's getting all this praise and recognition, which kind of drowns out the naysayers with their hate and negativity.

But whatever, Lucy Liu will shade haters with her flawlessness, and JLM with is adorableness. ;)
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