March 13th, 2013

Veronica. Marshmallow.

A long time ago, we used to be friends.

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Apparently, there's been a lot of excitement going on today in fandom. Mostly because of the announcement that the possibility of a VERONICA MARS movie may be happening.

This is rather a big deal, considering that whenever Kristen and Rob Thomas approached Warner Bros. over the years about the possibility of making a Veronica Mars movie they always shot it down because they didn't believe there was an audience for it. Despite, you know, the huge dedicated fanbase and all the raving critics when the show was airing, etc. Well, thank goodness for something like Kickstarter to exist because fans can help fund for the movie, making this possibility into a reality. In a way, this shows Warner Bros. that there is an audience out there, and that there is massive support of getting this movie in production.

I'm all for this. Bring it on.

UPDATE: Well damn, that was fast. It seems that fans can do anything, including raising over 2 million dollars in a single day. O_O