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This shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Psych 2.06 "Meat Is Murder, But Murder Is Also Murder"

Gus' uncle is visiting and thinks that Gus is actually the psychic detective rather than Shawn. Out of amusement Shawn decides to let Gus' uncle tag along on their most recent case where Gus can show off his "psychic skills". This leads to hilarious antics between the two, naturally, back-and-forth solving of the case while humoring everyone around them.

The most funniest part of this episode was Shawn having the utmost delight of watching Gus try to do his job to impress his uncle. It would've been easier to explain to his uncle that he really wasn't a psychic, that the message was misinterpreted and it was a whole big misunderstanding. However, you got to add the baggage with the family relatives right? Gus' uncle was friendly and proud of him, where normally he wasn't exactly the kindhearted person to everyone, leading to a sense of pride and achievement of getting on your relative's good side, even if it's something completely false. I sort of see that also with Shawn and Henry, although they do understand one another they just...don't follow on the same page about certain things.

The slapfest was excellent! The Psych-Out for that was funny, too.

Seriously though, what did happen to Lassiter's arm?

Hee, Shawn becoming a Horiscopes writer was awesome. The detailed information was priceless, playing with Lassiter and Juliet. Of course Henry would figure it out because he knows Shawn, but that was priceless. Especially with Lassiter believing in it and Juliet kind of but not really. Awesome, and just like a Shawn Spencer thing to do.

"Of course I'm happy he's dead, because meat is murder!" "Meat may be murder, but murder is also murder!" HEE! Gus sounded so dominating when talking to the protesting girl, even though he was wrong about targeting her as the murderer.

"How do you kill a nose?" OMG, Shawn's tone of voice was great, so totally "WTF".

This is getting to be a really great season so far. The jokes and commentaries are quicker, the hilarity never stops and Shawn+Gus never ceases to be awesome in their crazy friendship and antics of solving the cases. Anyone not checking this show out should be ashamed of themselves, it's a great way to end your week and start of the weekend by letting Psych touch your funny bone. and the hottest of Shawn Spencer, but that's just a bonus on the side. At least for me.

Painkiller Jane 1.17 "Playback"

It's like Tru Calling but with Neuros.

There is a Neuro threat that is planning to execute an important political figure, from the beginning of the episode it seems they'd been tracking this supposed new Neuro for a while and finally deciphered when and where he was going to strike. Unknowing of his ability yet, they went to the location unprepared of what's to happen. Unfortunately, the plan to catch him backfires for both the Neuro and the team, and it is revealed that this particular Neuro has the ability to reverse time, and repeats the day until he gets the job done without interruptions. Jane figures this out after a few more repeated days, and for whatever reason she can recall what happened than anyone else on the team, and they try to find ways around letting the Neuro stop them from preventing his action. The best way is to outsmart him, which Jane does this gracefully in the end as the day repeats for the final time.

Although the whole "day replay" concept has been done before, I liked how in this episode was see different versions of what the other characters have been up to and how things can be changed even with one small altered detail. My question is how Jane can remember the events of the other repeated days and the others couldn't, is it because of her ability?

Though we never figured out why the Neuro wanted to assassinate the Chinese leader. I thought we would get aome answers when the team visited the Neuro's mother, but no dice. It sounded like their were a team, had a master plan about it all, but it never was revealed about that.

"What happened to Riley?" "Don't ask, or you'll have to sue." I liked that exchange. The first time around Jane used the sarcasm perfectly, the second time was with confusion but with good intentions. I do like the partnership between Connor and Jane, even though he may say pigheaded sexist comments here and there it's all for good playfulness. Despite his attitude at times I do think that Connor cares for Jane, after all they are partners and colleagues and she has saved his ass more than once on several occasions. They've had a chance to bond. They might not be friendly-friendly but they do understand each other in their own ways, of course. The ice cream bit at the end was cute, though.

Looks like next week we'll be getting more into what's up with Jane and her healing ability, if say the previews for an intense episode holds up. Leaving me even more devastated that the show hasn't been picked up for another season. If only they'd had this kind of interesting suspense in the beginning to attact more viewers and up their ratings, but it's just as well.

It seems that Zac Efron is everywhere these days, huh? I can't go to a grocery store or shopping without seeing him on the cover of magazines or on shirts and backpacks. Everyone else may recognize him from the High School Musical franchise and have their own opinions about him, his acting/singing and yaddy-yaddy-yadda, but for me he will always be known as young!Simon from Firefly. Whenever I see him I automatically think "OMG it's young!Simon". Wouldn't it be funny if Troy suddenly cursed in Chinese in HSM? Okay, just me then.

Speaking of which, I spotted Nathan Fillion on One Life To Live last night on SoapNet. He was tipsy and singing and dancing. Hee.
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