April 29th, 2015

Elementary. Joan Watson.


++ I didn't watch the White House Correspondent's Dinner that happened a few nights ago, however I caught up on some of the highlights that happened at the event. I'm not generally familiar with what usually occurs during a WHCD, though based on what I saw through recaps of this particular one I did like the combination of using comedy on making (brutally honest) commentary on a wide variety of political and world issues, both ridiculous and important. It also makes me realize how much I'm going to miss Obama and how nervous I am about the upcoming election.

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++ I watched Godzilla (2014) recently, and I actually really enjoyed it. Collapse ) All in all, it was pretty damn cool. It kind of felt like a moment taken from the first five minutes of Pacific Rim, which I'm totally not complaining about. Also, while watching I found it funny that the actors who were the main couple in this film are playing the twin siblings in Age of Ultron. lol