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The only thing I care about from the new Batman vs. Superman trailer is the appearance of Wonder Woman, who we saw in the first teaser but just seeing her front and center in that shot at the end was freaking badass. I don't care for and probably am not going to see this movie, but I do care about her own solo movie, which I am absolutely going to go see. Plus, the prospect of her having so much merchandising, even more than she normally does, makes me so incredibly excited.

While I still maintain that either Morena Baccarin and/or Gina Torres would have made a wonderful Wonder Woman (which I have always envisioned ever since the announcement of a film ten years ago) along with Bridget Regan, I can't wait to see how Gal Gadot does in the role.

I need to catch up on Supergirl, I'm a few episodes behind. But that show is utterly adorable. I love that we have a good variety of woman-centric superhero stories on television at the moment; Supergirl being the optimistic family-friendly show, Jessica Jones being more of an adult show, having darker, more mature themes, and Agent Carter being just an awesome spy adventure show. All three shows are incredibly different in tone, yet they all feature amazing women telling their stories. And soon we will be having Mockingbird, and who knows what else in the future. While having women-centric film franchises is something we're all hoping and fighting to see more of, I think television has proven to be a better format in giving more emotional storytelling and exploring their characters more. Regardless though, I want more diverse women being featuring in all different mediums, not just limited to one or the other.
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