January 8th, 2016

Firefly. Inara Serra.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Film Review

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I would also like to recommend Star Wars: Before The Awakening, Rey's Survival Guide and the novelization of the film, plus the visual companion guides as well, all which give background of the characters and further explanations of things that some may still have questions about after seeing the movie. These tie-ins won't answer all the burning questions people have, since this is just the first in the trilogy and we're supposed to be left pondering until the time comes for things to be fully unveiled, but they will at least shed some light on things not fully explained in the film and some other interesting world-building tidbits. Also, I think the script of the film was leaked or released somewhere? I keep seeing people posting excerpts from it. Either way, they're all great reads.

And this is when you know you are a newly converting fan, since I've been kind of investing and devouring anything and everything I can after seeing the film.