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Neolution follows the science.Collapse )

It was confirmed that Orphan Black has been renewed for a fifth season, and it will be its final season. Honestly, even though I'll be sad it'll end soon, I'm actually very happy about this announcement, because they're ending the show on their terms. Plus, I'm always of the mind that television shows should not only have fewer episodes (tighter for plot and less fillers) but also at least five seasons worth of material to tell the story. Most shows tend to get a lot of executive meddling that either gets them prematurely cancelled or it goes way beyond its expiration date. Orphan Black has had a fantastic run, particularly for a little genre show that almost nobody knew about. And considering where it currently is in its story, it makes sense that it'll be wrapping up soon. Either way, I'm hoping it'll end just the same as it premiered, with a major bang and on a high note.
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