July 2nd, 2016

Six. Relaxation.

Party, party, party!

++ Apparently not only has Tricia Helfer been cast in the second season of Lucifer (a show I haven't seen but have heard that it's pretty good), but also it has been recently announced that Tom Felton has been cast as a regular for the third season of The Flash (another show on my queue) and Carly Pope has been cast in the next season of Arrow (carlyinrome, this will definitely interest you). I love all these actors and they aren't nearly in enough stuff, so seeing them cast in these shows, whether I watch them or not, is pretty damn exciting to me.

++ The official trailer for Dirty 30 has finally arrived. The film itself stars the Holy Trinity themselves, Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart, and will feature a ton of different YouTubers and other online content creators. I, personally, really adore these girls and the things they produce. From Camp Takota to Electra Woman & Dyna Girl to this, they're having fun, working with friends, also very passionate and dedicated about the things they partake in.

++ Speaking of, does anyone remember lonelygirl15? This is going back way during the beginnings of YouTube when vlogging was still a new thing. Most likely people will remember how it was exposed early on that her vlogs weren't real, it was all scripted in what would become an ongoing webseries. Like, it was a big fucking deal back then when this was revealed. Although I knew of it I actually never watched the videos before, so I started binging watching them and while ago, and holy shit you guys. Even though knowing it's a scripted series, especially with all the editing and effects later on, just seeing how they put it together and how events start unraveling, it's quite impressive particularly for the time it came out. I'm not gonna lie, I got myself captivated. And what's even better? It has recently updated again, with the same actress.

I'm actually hoping that this means a new generation of this webseries is going to happen, after all these years. Though in my opinion, I like the story concept a lot that I feel like it would make for a great digital movie, with the same people who were involved, with the same actress either being the ringleader for the newer generation. The new video uploaded kind of gives that feel that they're getting ready for something to that effect.
Caprica. Zoe Graystone.

July Question Meme: Day 2

Asked by frelling_tralk:

Which tv show cancellation hit you the hardest?

Honestly, there's so many shows that I felt upset about being cancelled, especially ones that ended so prematurely, I could write essays about how they all deserved better. But I think I'll always be bitter and angry about the cancellation of Caprica, the prequel series to Battlestar Galactica. Syfy really mishandled the show right from the start, with the biggest offender being the mid-season extended hiatus which, when they came back, changed the days and time and did little promotion so nobody knew when it actually came back, and that ultimately sealed its unfortunate fate. I loved that show so much, it held so much potential and promise and it was heading into a wonderful direction in expanding the world and these characters and I loved the actors involved and everything, but sadly, despite the massive success of BSG, the network just didn't have enough faith in it.

Following closely to that would be Legend of the Seeker. I had just gotten into the show, literally binge-watched to catch up to its current episodes, before it was announced that it would be cancelled after two seasons. I was just introduced to this fantastically lighthearted and silly but awesome fantasy show that I had fallen in love with instantly, only for it to be taken away. I was incredibly heartbroken. I'm still not over it, to be honest, and a delusional part of me still wants there to be a third season even after all this time.

Asked by ellipsisms:

Lays or Pringles? Hagan Daaz or Ben & Jerrys? Forever 21 or H&M?

While I haven't had either in quite a while, and I have liked both for different reasons, I definitely had a soft spot for Lays due to their barbecue chips, which were heaven to me for a time. Häagen-Dazs all the way, baby. I think it's basically a tie between Häagen-Dazs and Baskin Robbins for favorite ice cream of all time, in my opinion anyway. And Forever 21 has always been one of my favorite places to shop.