October 6th, 2016

Six. Satisfied.

Where you lead, I will follow...

++ Stitchers got renewed for a third season! I'm honestly so elated and relieved right now, you guys don't even know. I was getting kinda worried for a while there because we hadn't heard any kind of news or confirmation one way or another regarding the fate of the show. But now there are no more worries because we are getting that third season! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

++ As we're getting closer and closer to the Gilmore Girls revival, we're getting more nostalgia. Just listening and seeing the actors reminiscing about their personal experiences working on the show, what it meant to them, and what it's like coming back after all these years, it's almost surreal that we're going to be getting new material.

++ Haters Back Off is a new Netflix series based on Miranda Sings, the character created/acted by YouTuber Colleen Ballinger. It's always kind of amazing when I see content creators getting more projects furthering their career, whether it's writing a book or starring in feature films or doing television series. While I've not been a regular watcher, I have seen quite a handful Miranda Sings material over the years and it's hilariously awkward and ridiculous, as the character was meant to be, and the fact that Colleen got this deal to do a Netflix series based off this character is so amazing. This opens more doors for other YouTubers and content creators who want to further pursue their careers and dreams, which is unfortunately often shitted upon by traditional media and other ignorant people who think lowly of those who make a living off of YouTube. But that's a rant for another time. With that being said, Netflix seems to be the perfect place for this series, and I'm proud of Colleen and wishing her all the best.