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++ Another trailer for S2 of Jessica Jones, it's mostly some footage from the first season with snippets of the second, but still effective in getting you absolutely hyped for it nonetheless. It is both so close yet so far away.

Some talk about the show in general, no major spoilers but just in case.Collapse )

++ Doctor Who is getting a brand new logo and it is so gorgeous. I really love it.

++ One Day At A Time is a Netflix half-hour sitcom series that has two seasons so far, but the fear of it getting cancelled has been noticeable that the showrunner has urged fans and newcomers alike to watch at least four episodes of the show to let Netflix know that it deserves to be renewed. This was announced a while ago and idk if it'll still make an difference, but it never hurts to try!

I haven't watched the show myself just yet, but I have heard a lot of great things about it, particularly the inclusion of LGBT represenation, which has been the biggest draw for many people (this scene especially has been making the rounds lately, getting even more people invested). Alongside being a heartwarming show about family, and a Latino family at that, it also tackles heavy and serious topics, which according to others is handled very well for episodes that are only half an hour long. I've only seen clips from it and I will eventually find the time to watch this show, but I hope it does end up getting renewed because it is rare to find sitcoms that tackle serious issues and being aware of the social climate while still being genuinely funny. And apparently, because it's on Netflix, it's allowed to go to places that sitcoms or even most dramas on national television aren't able to, which is pretty awesome.
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