May 11th, 2018

BSG. Natalie is not pleased.

Frak this.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine was cancelled.

This was announced yesterday and it created such a universal outrage from people that even famous celebrities like Mark Hamill and Lin-Manuel Miranda were twitting their displeasure of the show being cancelled, and want the show to be renewed in any possible way. And not only has there been fan petitions but it's been reported that there are multiple networks are looking to save the show from the claws of cancellation, which is amazing. In truth yes, it had five sold seasons which, on FOX, is such a rarity and a damn miracle if you can make it past one season, but the way that FOX treated the show was horrible since they barely promoted it, and the only reason it got the loyal following it does was through word of mouth by people begging others to watch the show because it was so good. I want to hope that somehow B99 gets renewed elsewhere because it deserves at least two more seasons.

I also just found out today that Syfy has cancelled The Expanse. And right in the middle of their still airing third season. Just, the fucking audacity. It's been reported that it's being shopped around for a new home which I hope it succeeds in doing so, but still. The Expanse is such a brilliant and amazing scifi show, probably one of the best scifis I've watched in recent years, and them letting it go for whatever reason? Frak that nonsense.

I understand that it's the nature of the business which is run by numbers, I'm no stranger when it comes to my shows being unjustly cancelled before their time, but I will never understand the reasoning behind cancelling shows that not only have strong loyal fanbases, but are also critically acclaimed and are extremely well-reviewed, highly rated and been praised by nearly everyone. It just makes no sense to me. Both Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Expanse are such important shows because they feature some of the best storytelling; their writing is impeccable, they both feature diversity among their main cast (and with The Expanse their entire cast is made up of varying ethnic backgrounds that aren't white), amazing character development, and just are so good in their own right and yet this shit happens. It's nothing new to lose a show to shitty network decisions, but it still hurts and enrages me all the same.

So please, sign and share these petitions in hopes to have both these amazing shows a new home.