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Since the finale special of Sense8, it has left me with wanting and aching for more. That's what happens when a show gets cancelled, even if they get the chance to do a special to wrap things up there's still so many places of where the story could've gone and it did leave us with there being a kind of open ending, in a way. So I decided to make a list of things that I wished had happened had we gotten a proper third season like we should've, or, if we somehow do end up getting another season that takes place directly where the special finale left off on what happened afterwards and the possible future of where the story would've taken up. Just for my own fun and enjoyment, really, because this show meant so much to me.

What is human? An ability to reason? To imagine? To love or grieve? If so, we are more human than any human ever will be.Collapse )

I just really love this show, okay? I miss it so much and I want so much more content.
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