July 22nd, 2018


This is going to be fun.

++ Doctor Who official S11 trailer premiered at SDCC and it looks absolutely fantastic. I'm in love with Thirteen already. Just from the moment she starts speaking I was all in. And really, Jodi Whittaker looks absolutely amazing in this, plus her accent! It's so endearing and adorable and just, ah! I also love seeing the three new Companions she'll be having, and the production looks so good. Nine will always be my Doctor (Eleven almost took that place but then, well, Moffat happened), but if this goes well as anticipated Thirteen will most likely be a very close second, not gonna lie. I don't think I've ever been this excited for a new season of Doctor Who, and considering my love/hate and on/off relationship with this show that says something.

++ The cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine made their first appearance at SDCC this year, and they didn't disappoint. Everyone looked so radiant and happy, basically basking in the joy about being renewed by NBC and having so much support and the love of the fans, which must've been the most gratifying and rewarding thing to witness after the whole cancellation/renewal that happened, especially with seeing all the fans that have loved and supported them throughout the seasons and advocated for the show to be renewed. I love them all so much and I love this show. Also, sidenote, the cast of the new season of Doctor Who ended up in a photoshoot with the B99 cast!

++ I haven't watched Voltron: Legendary Defender (yet), but it was revealed at SDCC that one of its main characters, Takashi Shirogane, aka Shiro, is a canonically gay man. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

++ Wynonna Earp just got renewed for a fourth season. That's awesome, though I still find it strange that the show can get renewed even before the current season barely gets started, showcasing its popularity, and yet there are still no DVDs available for the show at all. :/

++ We have Deadpool 2 panel which is cool, but from that panel comes Ryan Reynolds talking about inclusivity, which anyone who has watched the films, especially the sequel, knows that they were very inclusive and bringing in more representation than most films do nowadays, especially superhero movies. I also would love there to be exploration of Deadpool's pansexuality in the future, as well. I know that they touched on that slightly in Deadpool 2, with Wade flirting with both Colossus and Cable alongside his love for Vanessa, but it would be utterly fantastic for them to go further with that, and I know that Ryan Reynolds has talked about that before, as well. He seems very genuine with wanting more of that kind of representation as a whole to reflect the real world.

These are just some of the things that have caught my eye with SDCC at the moment. I know that there's loads more as it's still happening, but I'm still catching up. And yes, there are other specific things I want to discuss, but that'll be for in a completely separate post altogether.