February 19th, 2019

Jessica Jones.

Even though I knew it was coming, it still doesn't hurt any less.

++ Netflix have now officially cancelled The Punisher and Jessica Jones, the last of their Marvel lineup, with Jessica Jones still scheduled to premiere its third season despite this announcement. It's not surprising or unexpected considering what they've been doing for the last several months by cancelling these shows one-by-one, but it's still disappointing and disheartening nonetheless.

But as frelling_tralk pointed out with Jeph Loeb's recent open letter to fans, the statement seems somewhat hopeful that these shows might continue elsewhere in the future. I've seen some talk circulating around that Hulu might be where they could be revived, considering that Marvel's Runaways is doing well over there and there is some scheduled Marvel animated series lineup up, not to mention that Hulu is partially owned by Disney, it could be a great way of expanding Hulu's service. It is also a better place instead of Disney+ where they are leaning more towards "family friendly" content which Jessica Jones and the like are, well, not. I really don't want to get my hopes up because it's still just rumors at this point with no real confirmation of any negotiations, but at the same time I want to remain hopeful for some kind of miracle to happen because I want something positive to come out from this massive mismanaged clusterfuck.

++ On a more uplifting note, the other day I watched this amazing video talking about how the fan campaign to save The Expanse worked, and how unique it was that it actually did work the way it did. I already knew about the situation with Syfy only signing for "first-run linear rights", but not about the rest of it. It's just an interesting look at how streaming has changed the way people have started watching content, how it can help in particular cases, and how certain networks really need to catch-up and evolve with the times when it comes to adapting how media is changing.