May 6th, 2019

Skye. Transformation.

You've got the devil inside you, too.

++ Gabriel Luna will be returning as Robbie Reyes in a Ghost Rider television series on Hulu! I was genuinely pleasantly surprised upon hearing this news, since it was something I wasn't even aware was in development. I would say out of all the guest appearances on Agents of SHIELD his was probably one of the most breakout performances during its fourth season, to the point that so many fans, myself included, wanted to see him return in some fashion. Apparently it's not a traditional spin-off, but the show will still be connected with AOS, since some feared it might not be based on the announcement. It will just be his own story separate from the arc that was completed on the other show. Which makes sense. Although it would be wonderful if Daisy could appear on his show, because I love those two together. Either way, I'm just very happy that we'll be getting more of him in this role. :D I wonder if there might be a possibility of there being a crossover with Runaways, as I would love to see him and Nico interact. I doubt it, but one can dream, right?

With this, though, it seems that Hulu is gearing up to become the next new home for Marvel shows. Since Disney+ is more for the MCU-specific characters, Hulu can become the home to other characters not directly connected with the MCU. So there might still be hope that Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Luke Cage might be able to be revived there in two/three years time.

++ Verizon is looking to sell Tumblr. This will certainly go over well....

++ It seems that the third Fantastic Beasts movie has been delayed for a 2021 fall release, meaning that it'll be nearly three years before it comes out and, if my calculations are correct, this franchise won't finish until at least 2025. That is assuming if there are no more future delays or the fifth won't be split into two movies, since HP kind of started that trend in the first place.

Now, I don't care about this franchise aside from the first movie (and even then I only saw it for Colin Farrell anyway) and a few incredibly minor characters, and while I have plenty of opinions on it and JKR in general I'm not going to get into them at this moment in time. So personal feelings aside, I will say this: I've always believed that planning a five-movie franchise like this was rather presumptuous from the start, and they are already paying the consequences for that. Unlike with Harry Potter this isn't based on any book series, and even if there was some interest at first the more prolonged a franchise is less enthusiastic people become, no matter how popular the universe it comes from actually is. Even The Hunger Games hype kind of dwindled by the time Mockingjay, Part 2 came out, and we all know what happened with the decline of the Divergent movies. Franchise fatigue does exist, even for beloved universes. And while there is a difference between casual fans and dedicated fans, sometimes those dedicated fans can get worn out too.