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15 May 2019 @ 05:39 am
Bottle episodes and theme songs...Collapse )

In other television news, it appears that Blindspot has been renewed for a fifth and final season. Now, I don't watch the show (though it's been on my radar, just haven't gotten around to it), and while it seems that they're giving it a proper sendoff I'm mostly just excited because that means Ashley Johnson will finally be free to rejoin Critical Role full-time! I know, it seems weird and kinda bad for celebrating, but she's basically been sporadically absent since they started streaming their game in 2015 due to filming. She Skyped in whenever she could, but it was never quite the same as when she's actually physically there at the table. So now, while she will have to go back soon, it will be for the last time and probably shorter due to the final season being shortened.
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