May 25th, 2019

TVD. Caroline Forbes.

Television Meme, Part 6

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Also, Matt Mercer just did a special one-shot D&D game with Stephen Colbert for Red Nose Day! It is pretty much nearly an hour of pure wholesomeness, with this being Stephen's first time venturing back into the world of D&D in decades. It's so amazing watching the two of them geek out, along with what people are considering the Mercer Effect with seeing how immersed Stephen was with his storytelling. Someone even pointed out that Matt used old school D&D terminology to kind of bring him back into the swing of things. It's just so awesome, and it's for a good cause too. Plus, I know that Matt and the rest of the CR cast have been wanting to get Colbert to be on their show somehow for a long while now, so their wish definitely came true.

I definitely think that, as they've grown much bigger in terms of starting their own company and the growing fan community surrounding their game, not to mention the immense success of their kickstarter campaign, it gives them these kinds of amazing opportunities.