June 26th, 2020

Katherine Pierce.

Aliens love cinnamon buns.

Since the announcement that Animorphs is getting the movie treatment, I kind of wanted to give my thoughts and wishes on what I want out of this adaptation considering it's still in the early stages and nothing is set in stone quite yet. These are just my own personal thoughts and ideas, which are pretty basic for the most part, but as a fan of the series I just wanted to get this out there.

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I may have more to add in the future, especially one more information about the movie being in development and just whatever comes to mind, but this is about it for the moment.

Furthermore, since I mentioned this previously but didn't provide a link, if you haven't read Animorphs and would like to, you can find all of them here. And yes, K.A. Applegate has given her approval of being reading the books for free online. So, have at it! ❤